2nd EP Halfway Through Production & Germany Tour!!

Merry Christmas Link’ers!!!!

Exciting times are in store for 2010….to add to the re-release of the remastered 1st EP coming up on 25th Jan 2010, we are currently halfway through the recording of our 2nd EP!

6-tracks are currently expected to be on the 2nd EP as well as a myriad of instrumentals….and so far, it is sounding MASSIVE!!! We can’t wait for you to hear it!!  It’s pencilled in for digital release on 26th April 2010, but if you come to the launch gig at The Joiners on 24th April 2010, you will be able to buy an eye catching CD with all the artwork as we intended it to be…watch this space for some video teasers!!

We’re extremely excited again because in 2010 we will be crossing the shores of the UK over into Germany for a week worth of shows at the start of April!!! We’re looking forward to meeting new fans & seeing the response to our music in Europe!!

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