– Review of ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ EP – 10 March 2010

“EP Rating: 5/5

 …we live in Broken Britain and now this slab of electro-rock is up for judgement.

Thankfully the 6-track EP, which has more material on than some albums I’ve heard recently, needs no fixing and this young band has conjured up a sound which is distinctive and yet at the same time has an air of familiarity about it.

‘Reinvent is a confident opener – all grinding, industrial guitars and sparse, pounding drums with a synth sound that could’ve come from Depeche Mode had they jumped into bed with Muse. We’re in anthemic (yes I know it’s not a real word) mode again on ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ which ends with an apparent homage to Gary Newman – these boys like their 80′s influences.

Volume levels are cranked up a notch or two on ‘Shelter Your Loss’ and yet again on ‘Therapy Sessions In The Dark’ which carry some fairly dark lyrics – is it that bad living in Hampshire? One of the most impressive things about them is that they are not afraid to let the music run its course – there are no 3 minute songs here!

Vocalist Mark Lawrence has a powerful set of lungs which he needs to push himself past the wall of sound and don’t expect to hear anything gentle contained within the CD, especially on the instrumental closer ‘In Your Headlights’.

A work of quality stadium rock and on this evidence Broken Links just might get to play in a few.

‘The Fine Line Between Choice / Decay’ by Broken Links is released [on] BL Records and is out April 26 [2010].

Adrian Phillips”

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