Dominion – Review of ‘Prototypes::Cause+Effect’ EP – 03/08/2011

“Broken Links might not overtly use the “Gothic” tag, but as an alternative band that take their inspirations from new wave, post-punk and industrial they have more than enough credentials to appeal to the goth crowd.

Their new self-released offering, ‘Prototypes::Cause+Effect’, builds on their last EP nicely displaying the same catchy song writing and a slick and professional approach throughout. Which again begs the question as to why this Eastleigh-based three-piece is still unsigned?

Big choruses, seductive synths and gritty guitar riffs recall the likes of Killing Joke, Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails, The Chameleons and The Manic Street Preachers throughout. The sing-a-long- dark-indie of opener ‘Electrik’ and ‘We’re All Paranoid’ provide the EP with it’s most accessible moments early on. The EP then moves into artier waters with the claustrophobic NIN-esque instrumental ‘A Memory Of Home’, before exploring the band’s rawer punk side with ‘Cherno’. The EPs biggest selling point however, is the near eight-minute finale ‘Substitute Yourself’ which elegantly exorcises the spirits of Killing Joke and Joy Division with sumptuous synths, brooding vocals and sinister guitars.

The EP is very well produced and each track feels like it has been given all the time and attention it has needed to fully develop. Given the right deal Broken Links could easily follow in the footsteps of the likes of The Horrors, Editors and Interpol in terms of mainstream clout, while still keeping their underground appeal.


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