Entertainment Focus – Review of ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ EP – 30/04/2010

“Broken Links are a three-piece band from Southampton. Following their debutResisting Movement And The Almost Advisory is their brand new EP The Fine Line Between Choice / DecayEF had a listen and here are our thoughts.

Broken Links explode in your ears with their anthem-like guitar melodies and heavy bass. Reinvent is a great start to the bands EP with it’s progressive sound that keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Then as you listen a little longer you realise that this isn’t another three minute long sample of a song but a full on seven minute work that doesn’t get boring. Broken Links have added enough twists and turns and tweaks to Reinvent so that it remains refreshing throughout.

Another track and its another heavy bass-line shaping the song. What Are You Waiting For might not sound original but it really is worth a listen as it progresses into adding more guitar-riffs and other melodies. Also if you are patient you will discover a really long electro infused outro.

Shelter Your Loss is quite anthem-like and has a brilliant chorus at its core. Expect to hear lots of guitars.

Therapy Sessions In The Dark is one of the finest things on this EP and should really be the leading track. This is alt-rock at its best. With a heavy bass Broken Links seem to be fans of and rough guitar- riffs this is quite good indeed.

Then when you think you heard your favorite track on this EP comesChoice/Decay. Kicking-off slow the song seems to be teasing you just before it gets to the chorus and gets you sucked into it. With an infectious guitar melody this is a track that needs to be paid a lot of attention to.

Broken Links are on their way to become one of our favorite bands of this year.The Fine Line Between Choice / Decay is a brilliant follow-up to Resisting Movement And The Almost Advisory and we can hardly wait to hear an album. How can a three piece be so loud? It doesn’t matter as long as you can enjoy it.”

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