Floatation Suite – Review of ‘Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory – 30/11/09

“Now here is a decent rock outfit that I’ve certainly never heard of before, but one that even after the first track I am already expecting to hear more of soon. There is a great sea of rock bands out there at the moment but it does take a little extra something to really make it. Broken Links have got that something. A three-piece from the south of England they sound pretty lively. The sort of rock music that sets the pulse racing as your heart pounds against your ribcage.

Broken Links combine some cracking guitar riffs and thumping bass to create a powerful, visceral experience of dark and atmospheric alt/rock.

They are certainly in the early days of their career as a band having only recently won the We Ignite Records 2009 Battle of the Bands and this is their first EP. It’s a shame there’s no more tracks on offer.

Within Isolation is definitely the stand-out track on this EP but the other three tracks are no less worthy of your time. Broken Links has already supported acts such as ‘British Sea Power’, ‘My Vitriol’, and ‘The Cinematics’ they could soon see themselves on a par with these well established acts. No doubt they are already developing a following of fans.”

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