Gig Review by MintSouth: Broken Links @ The Joiners, Southampton – 23rd September 2009

“We arrive late for my first writing assignment. As someone more used to photographing gigs than writing about them, I feel naked without my camera. The first support act are Broken Links; they’re energetically thrashing their way through their final song as we come through the door. The band creates a powerful and engaging sound, the scale of which brings to mind some of the earlier work of Muse; a comparison regularly made, always favourably. I really can’t make too many statements on this trio on the basis of the half a song, so I’d like to direct those with an interest to Mike Spall’s review of a few weeks ago.

I mean no disrespect, but as I watch front man Mark Lawrence hooting and wailing into the microphone, I can’t help but have the image of a riotous and exuberant chimp brought to mind; all that said, it’s a chimp with impeccable guitar technique, and he’s not thrown any poop yet. As Broken Links bent the limits of hearing in a triumphant conclusion, I surveyed the crowd…”

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