Hampshire Chronicle Review of Gig at The Talking Heads, Southampton – 26th February 2009

“EPIC is the sound that Broken Links are aiming for, which is easier to achieve in a stadium than a Hampshire pub. However, as part of the Red Stripe Music Awards Tour, they had a pretty good go at The Talking Heads in Southampton. They were buoyed by a large crowd, which seem to be drawn mainly from Eastleigh. Their trip down the A335 was not a wasted journey either, as their was plenty of good music on offer starting with Colditz, they impress with their catchy brand of powerful rock. Bag and Baggage and The Wrong Arm Of The Law also went down well, before finishing on Within Isolation. The crowd, which contained no shortage of supporters, certainly had fun, and their was even something bordering on a mosh pit at times. In that respect, maybe it was not so far removed from a stadium after all.


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