Interview by Playing Out Loud: By Paul Lane – 1st March 2010

“Eastleigh’s masters of epic alternative rock, Broken Links will be playing their first live shows on foreign sole next month. April sees the band playing five dates in Germany before the release of their second EP at the end of the month.

“We don’t have a reason to be going out to Germany really,” explains Mark Lawrence, the band’s singer and guitar player. “We’ve played a huge amount of gigs in our first year in the local area, and played quite a few around the UK, so as a joke I said to the guys ‘lets tour Europe’ next, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. Alternative Rock is possibly a lot bigger in mainland Europe than the UK, so we’re hoping to win ourselves some new fans over there. I think they’re also a lot more willing to give unsigned music a chance too. There are a lot of UK bands that are big in Europe, but are unheard of in the UK.”

The tour starts on 3rd April in Hofheim and then takes in Chemnitz, Braunschweig, Hamburg and finally Essen on the 10th. So what are the band most looking forward to about the tour? “We’re massively looking forward to the road-trip out there,” enthuses Mark. “We’re driving over there with all our gear and stopping off at a few cities on the way. We really don’t know what to expect over there, though we’ve been doing a hell of a lot of online promoting to make sure the venues have people in them on the night!”

April also sees the release of Broken Links’ second EP “The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay”. The band will be launching the EP on 24th April at The Joiners with Science Of Eight Limbs, In Tyler We Trust and Get The Tape completing the line up. “We’re extremely proud of the new EP,” beams Mark. “We feel it’s a massive step up from our 1st EP (“Resisting Movement & The Almost Advisory”). Our sound has changed a lot since we recorded our 1st EP in my bedroom at the end of 2008, which was even before we started gigging!! The 1st EP was literally made cheap and fast to get us gigs so it was really just a demo. It’s been hard for us to hear a minority of people negatively judging us all last year based on the 1st EP alone.”

“There’s a good mix of songs on the 2nd EP, some fast, some slow, some heavy, some soft.” Mark continues. “There are half a dozen instrumentals and we’ve gone a bit wild with the instrumentation. We’ve really captured everything we wanted to do musically into this EP. We’re having to completely change our live show and are already rehearsing these new songs ready for the EP launch.”

So what else is planned for 2010 for Broken Links? “We’ve already got a lot of gigs booked up for the rest of the year, so we’re looking forward to doing them, especially our EP launch night at The Joiners,” states Mark. “Hopefully we can get on the lineup for a few festivals in the summer and have another mini-European tour before the end of the year. Also, we’re already thinking about recording a third EP, we’re working on a few ideas already & I’ve got a few songs locked away. It looks set to be completely different again!”

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