Loud Horizon – Review of ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ EP – 03/2010

“EP Rating 7.5/10

 BROKEN LINKS are a three-piece band… though you certainly wouldn’t think so from the depth of sound they produce! This is the second EP release from the Eastleigh, Southampton based band, and though seemingly heavily influence by the 80′s sound of the likes of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and the lighter side of some ‘industrial’ bands from that era, they somehow still retain a current feel.

Although they comprise only a guitar, bass and drums, the diligent use of effects pedals at times give them the feel and sound of a more ‘electronica’ influenced band. However, coupled with some searing guitar work, big vocals and dramatic backing, they manage to steer clear of the slightly sickly sound of bands such as Shiny Toy Guns. If anything, the sound they generate would be more akin to that of Muse… not a bad act to follow! (From a commercial and not personal point of view, I have to add!)

The pace throughout the first four tracks is fast and furious, although title track ‘Choice /Decay’ pares back a little and the closing number ‘In Your Headlights’ is a mid-paced instrumental with some atmospheric and haunting backing to a deep, growling bass line and shrill rhythmic and looped guitar riff.

It’s altogether a heady and impressive fusion of electronica and industrial music backed with huge anthemic vocals – especially so in ‘Shelter Your Loss’ where the chorus has that powerful sound favoured by some of the current crop of pop-punk bands.

The six tracks last a total of almost forty-two minutes although with pretty much every song breaking down to a slow, atmospheric but seemingly unrelated final minute or so, they could stand accused of slightly overstaying their welcome.

However, if you’re in to BIG and LOUD music, this is definitely worth a listen.”

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