Mell Jones Reviews – Live Review @ Talking Heads, Southampton 15/10/2011

“…At last, an alternative rock band take stage at a Max Records gig, and what a delight they are. Broken Links are a three piece band from Southampton whom can only be described as ‘Epic’. The lead vocalist has an absolutely cracking voice, with a big set of lungs which sometime sound a little like a grittier Brian Molko, from Placebo. Despite there being an on-going theme of black with both clothing and instruments the band still stood out as one of the most individual acts of the night and there’s no surprise there seeing as the enthusiasm and passion in their performance was unquestionable. The compositions were overall well-written and the intense riffs suited the heavier genre of music, they also mixed in electronic elements to the mixture which only intensified the flavor further and created an ambient darker feel. Their fan base was enthusiastic and possibly under the influence, actually scratch that they were definitely under the influence, but it was humorous to watch them clumsily dance around the venue anyway. An insane band, Broken Links are definitely ones to watch out for in the near future…”

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