– Review of ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ EP – 22 March 2010. By Julian Aplin

I have been lucky enough to be able to work with some of my favourite South Coast bands but there are three I would try to court if I had slightly more time and enjoyed the thrill of the chase, one of them will be joining us soon, one I have no hope of landing and the third…. Well that would be Broken Links.

Since listening to their first EP ’Resisting Movement And The Almost Advisory’ last year I have been drawn to their brooding, epic indie rock and their live show really brought the songs to life so it was with much expectation that I received the brand new EP ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’.

It has to be noted from the start, and this is to their credit, that this is an EP, not a collection of individual tracks but a structured and planned collection.

Running in at just under 42 minutes for only 6 tracks is a brave move in this ADD, download climate in which we find ourselves living in today.  There are no 3 minute wonders here, the whole EP finds each track bleeding into the next but never feeling like it is one long dirge, far from it, this feels like a journey you have been invited on and willingly take.  Sure there are tracks that could easily be top and tailed to create a radio friendly single, but this would destroy some of the beauty of this CD.

Opening with ‘Reinvent’ with its’ Muse-esque fuzz bass led rhythm it is clear from the start that Broken Links are aiming high. ‘What You Waiting For?’ oozes with dark menace, building to the kind of climatic chorus that will have any crowd bouncing gleefully along when this is rolled out for the live shows.  Neatly leading into ‘Shelter Your Loss’ is a nod to Kraftwerk’s The Model, again showing the range of influences these boys wield with ease.

Therapy Sessions In The Dark’ with its’ Rammstein meets NIN industrial groove shows the band have an ear for the unusual but the cerebral grind of the verse is countered by the soaring chorus and herein lies the overall strength of the EP, there are hooks a plenty throughout and Mark is becoming a very exciting vocalist, it is easy with rock to think that shouting will suffice, but Mark knows when to hold back and this goes to create a thoroughly exhilarating EP.

Broken Links are fast developing their own unique brand of alternative rock, building from where they left off with their debut and honing not just their sound, but a strong image and live show too. The tunes are bigger, stronger and better produced than the first EP and on the evidence of this, Broken Links will not be just your ‘local’ rock band much longer.

The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ is released on the 26th April and they will be hosting an EP Launch at The Joiners on the 24th April.”

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