MintSouth – Review of ‘Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory – 02/08/09

“Therapy? were a pretty big bands in the 90’s, but their influence was undeniable. Broken Links do not specifically cite them as an influence and as a relatively new band (Broken Links formed in 2008) it could well be that they are not actually an influence at all! But, Therapy? are the band that instantly springs to mind on the opening tune of this 4-track EP. The fact the tune is called ‘Within Isolation’ and the band is also a 3-piece only adds to this comparison! Maybe they are just influenced by the same bands; Husker Du, Joy Division and other gothic tinged, new wave punk bands also come to mind throughout the CD.

And of course, the (seemingly) obligatory influence of Muse and QOTSA pops up in there as well! Anyway, enough comparisons with ‘other’ bands.

Their dark, brooding (almost as cliché as this review so far) sound is instantly engaging, only let down by a slightly weak production that does not do the tunes justice. The guitars are very thin sounding, there is little bottom-end and it could certainly benefit from a half-decent mastering job to boost the overall level. However, there is actually still a lot to like about the CD and as a taster of things to come it suggests the band might well have a lot more to offer. This is very apparent on third track ‘Colditz’, without doubt the best track here. An infectious guitar riff that makes me run excitedly for my air guitar. Fans of newer bands like Baddies would certainly love this one.

The other two tracks on the CD don’t really engage me though, the long-winded second track, ‘The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice and Men’ is a bit wishy-washy and could really benefit from a smash-hit chorus or some kind of hook that grabs my attention.

Last track ‘The Sea Inside’ is so Muse-like they’re lucky they don’t get sued! An acoustic ditty, saturated with ambient reverb and plenty of falsetto vocals. Maybe if the band had got their first, it’d be a masterpiece, but as it is, it is just too derivative.

Overall though, I am compelled to want to hear more. They certainly wouldn’t win any record contracts with this CD, but they have a good vibe to them and despite some obvious comparisons and (I assume) influences, they also manage to filter through a sound of their own. The band are playing live at the Joiners on the 28th August, headlining in fact, so I shall be there to see how they come across live. It is up to you now guys…”

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