New Reviews – Live Review @ Ryde Theatre, IOW 04/12/2009

“A great, fresh band from Southampton. We have two reviews from these lovely guys as we also have an E.P review, but we’re going to start you off with the live review! Broken Links were playing at The Venue on the Isle of Wight, along with Arcade Eden, Bright as Vegas and Floors and Walls…

First, what a strong vocal, although I was standing a little too close to a nearby speaker (I didn’t fancy being shook about a bit in the middle of the crowd) taking photos, but I know a strong band with a heavy bass line when I hear one! I was loving the guitar, and of course the drummer was giving it everything!

The guitarist played every note to perfection and sang his heart out, and its always nice to see a band earning some brownie points with the crowd by actually communicating! Bands that stand and don’t even say a friendly hello to begin with, or even introduce their tracks are not much fun…

It’s also always great seeing a band rock out such a venue! Whilst some party their heads off (Not literally, that could be messy), even those keeping out the busy crowd are enjoying the music!

I knew for certain at the time that ‘Oh way oh, way oh!’ would be in my head for the rest of the night, and I was proved right!

If you fancy listening to these guys for yourself, check out their myspace.”

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