New Reviews – Review of ‘Prototypes::Cause+Effect’ EP – 30/05/2011

“Broken Links are on top form with their latest release‘Prototypes::Cause+Effect’ a dark and dangerous five track EP that stretches their heavy alternative style to the max.

Strap in, and lets take a ride to the dark side.

‘Electrik’ is a brilliant introduction to the EP, kicking out that head-spinning buzz you might find in albums produced by the likes of Gary Numan or Nine Inch Nails. Heavy, mysteriously-fantastic music. There are some things you just can’t put your finger on, whatever it may be. But in this case you just know what it is that makes this EP so fu**ing cool. With drums that will have your whole body on the move mixed so vigorously into a whirpool of guitars, you have an instant favourite. Just add water vocals and stir.

After nearly six minutes of heavy rock to tickle your musical tastebuds, the rest of this EP is more than satisfying. More than overwhelming. More than anything in fact. ‘We’re All Paranoid’ follows on very neatly, releasing a little more heavy-rocked-magic out, and into your ears. As a band, Broken Links are not rated high enough. They have so much tucked up their sleeves to blow you away with. ‘A Memory Of Home’ definitely has that NIN feel to it. The way it rings out will absorb itself into your mind. Gradual, subtle but ready to explode at any given moment. Whilst its calm, eery flow glides along, a remix of this track would definitely be interesting.

‘Cherno’ picks the pace back up where ‘We’re All Paranoid‘ left off, with a heavy industrial urgency that sees these three young men from Eastleigh make a permanent dent in the current music scene. They have that certain spark that will make you go nuts and sing along until your head falls off.

But as the EP comes to a close, and with your head still intact (we hope) there is more to enjoy with their last musical treat ‘Substitute Yourself’. With a slim underlay of Placebo, they take “alternative rock” to a whole new level. Prepare yourself to chant along, because these guys are going nowhere and need your faces in the front row.”

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