Playing Out Loud – Live Review @ The Joiners, Southampton 01/05/2010

“…Then this is it, Broken Links are an example to many ‘local’ bands on how great music alone is not enough, you have to work bloody hard to get any rewards and this is exactly what Broken Links do, tonight is testament to this. The lights build the anticipation and to rapturous applause Mark, Lewis and Phil enter the spotlight.

Opening with ’What Are You Addicted To?’ and followed swiftly by two tracks from the brand new EP, Broken Links play like a band at the top of their game and the crowd respond accordingly. Given that this is only marking their second release it is remarkable that the introduction of ‘old’ track ‘Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men’ is received with the kind of reaction normally saved for veteran bands trawling out the classics, the audience even sing along. This just enforces the fact that Broken Links are something a little bit special, sticking their collective heads above the parapet of local scene obscurity and breaking through to the next level.

Showcasing their range of influences they do one cover tonight, ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ by Ladytron from their 2005 ‘Witching Hour’ album. The electro sound of the original is put through the Nine Inch Nails filter and comes out the other side as an industrial rock stormer that sits easily alongside the rest of the Links catalogue.

They barely put a foot wrong tonight and whilst it is a close run thing, the new tracks do shine marginally brighter than some of the older tunes but the encore of new and old with ‘Choice/Decay’ and ‘Within Isolation’ is the perfect close to a new chapter for the group.

I am sure it won’t be long before people will be able to say ‘remember the time we saw Broken Links at the Joiners?’ as they make their way to a show at the Brixton Academy. The big time awaits, Band Of Skulls, Delays please welcome the next Southampton graduates.”

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