Punk Prospect – Live Review @ The Rattlesnake, London 21/11/2012

“…Finally, Broken Links approached the stage. To my disappointment the majority of the audience left straight after Terminal Gods’ set, not even giving these Southampton Alt Rockers a chance. For those of us that had stayed, we were definitely in for a treat. Frontman Mark Lawrence instantly charmed me with his confidence and humour and wasted no time jumping head first into their set. Even though there was only around 15 people everyone was clapping along, singing and encouraging the Broken Links boys, calling out their names and (in some cases) screaming at the top of their lungs. The tracks seemed weirdly familiar yet somehow managed to sound completely original. Contradictory I know, but their sound was fresh and proved that not all bands are following the same route. Musically the tracks may not be that complex but they definitely do what they’re supposed to do – draw you in. I really loved this set. Broken Link’s stage presence is infectious and you really can’t help but bust out some moves to the punchy, fast paced rhythm. We even got a free copy of their 2nd EP “Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory” that they handed out at the end of the set (generous eh?). These guys have talent and it’s a shame not as many people as they deserved stuck around to see an amazing, energetic set. “

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