Releases Powerplay Magazine- Review of ‘Disasters: Ways To Leave a Scene’ – 12/2012

Official Rating: ****. Resisting Movement And The Almost Advisory EP may sound like a bit of a mouthful, but this record is the surprisingly good rock-out from Eastleigh’s finest, Broken Links. ‘Within Isolation’ is what Muse would sound like if they weren’t quite as ostentatious. It has all the elements there, the vocal, the subtle keys and the atmospheric rock sound, but it just isn’t as pretentious or complicated. Matching the EP title for lack of brevity, ‘The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice And Men’ is the bass-led sibling of the opener. It has a great beat that adds a splatter of Joy Division to the sound, but it follows on nicely and features a great chorus. ‘Colditz’ follows on nicely, with a scuzzed-out guitar sound before ‘The Sea Inside’ adds something a little different to the end of the record. This is a great rock record from Broken Links.”

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