Rock Pulse Music Zine – Review of ‘Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory’ EP – 29/12/09

Pulsating, ominous layers of ambience and ear rending walls of guitar are the order of the day on ‘Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory’, debut EP from Southampton based trio Broken Links. A mature and darkly hewn work, these four tracks evoke a line of esteemed musical miserabilists from Joy Division and Radiohead to Nine Inch Nails and Muse, with the chinks of light that occasionally break through the gloom all the more effective in contrast to the general atmosphere of repression and menace. Lewis Betteridge’s grimy bass lines form the backbone of these compositions, ‘Colditz’ coming across like a rocked up, turbocharged Interpol, while the mournful ‘The Sea Inside’ provides a suitably downbeat conclusion to proceedings. Promising to deliver an intense live show, Broken Links are yet another promising act to emerge on our shores, and though ‘Resisting Movement…’ is little more than a taster in duration and recording quality (the EP was actually recorded in vocalist/guitarist Mark Lawrence’s bedroom, so is rather lo-fi in parts), it nevertheless raises interest as to where the band take themselves in the future. Definitely worth some investigation for admirers of the aforementioned acts. “

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