Rock Regeneration – Review of ‘Disasters: Ways To Leave a Scene’ – 04/12/2012

With an interesting blend of electronic and alt-rock you get Broken Links. based in Southampton this three piece have a fully rounded and unique sound.

Described as “Playing industrial rock with under-currents of post-punk and new wave, Broken Links are as melodic and hook laden as they are dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars, melancholic vocals and electronic soundscapes form a musical vehicle for psychoanalytical and emotionally complex lyrical themes, resulting in a dark and powerful aural experience.” – is certainly accurate, but does not describe the quality of this album.

From the opening of “Elektric” you immediatetly get the feel of Solitary Experiments, which is soon shattered. However, the subtle undercurrent of EBM/electronica is perfectly blended with the indie rock sound. But that does not come close to descrbing the sound of Broken Links. They are not Goth, not EBM, and there is definitely a rock sound to the proceedings. Perhaps a little old school alt. rock, and a dollop indie. All these merge together perfectly to give a stunning sound comprising of guitar and synths. Despite this awful pidgeon holing by me “Elektric” explodes with a crisp sound, with it’s driving guitar, and powerful vocals.

The rock sound is built on with the slightly heavier opening to “Within Isoloation”. The drums providing a strong back drop to the distorted guitars, and again Marks vocals topping off the track. Whilst “What Are You Waiting For?” is a slightly more laid back and thoughtful affair, but still packs a punch with it’s carefully crafted lyrics. “We’re All Paranoid” has that subtle electronic feel, opening with a synth, but is soon overlaid with drums, and vocals. Followed by guitars it smoothly goes to the chorus.

Things get a little interesting with “Choice/Decay (part I)”, being an instrumental track. A bold move these days, and show a different side to the band, having a cinematic feel as the paint a soundscape to “Choice/Decay (part II)”. The album contains another couple of instrumental tracks, “—-/—-” and “A Memory Of Home”. All of which go to enhance the haunting feel to this album.

Proceedings return to the rockier feel with “Shelter Your Loss”. “Therapy Sessions in the Dark” has a more edgy alternative sound to it, which is soon dispelled by the chorus that has a great flowing feel to it. Closing with “Substitute Yourself” Marks vocals have a Dave Gahan edge adding more to that underlying electronic feel to the album.

This is a stunning debut album which gets under your skin, fusing rock and electronic genres to produce something slightly familiar, but at the same time unique. It is an album which draws you in, and does not let go, the rich sounds, vocals, all keep you hooked. The more I listen to it the more I cannot fault it. Somewhere in the darker side of the record collection should this album.”

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