Tasty Fanzine – Review of ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ EP – 06/2010

EP Rating: 8/10

So then, Broken Links. A trio of intense young men with a love of all things grungy and synthy. Opener, ‘Reinvent’ manages to sound familiar without sounding like any other band in particular. Its a powerful and earnest rock song but one with some sort of fairy dust sprinkled on top. Its got some gloriously murky fuzz bass on it too.

Not a single song on this record clocks in at under under 5 mins. You get the song proper and then a Kraftwerk style synth workout for a few minutes before the next one. Its a bit odd at first, this rock song/ electro wig out format – like two separate bands mixed together like a marble cake – but as the record goes on you start to get used to it. Anyone whos heard ‘Infernal Love’ by Therapy? and it’s weird between-song interludes will get the deal. Maybe they’d be better if the two separate elements weren’t so clearly delineated and they worked some of the more ambient, electronic side into the songs, but its still an interesting touch.

There are a lot of bands out there doing this sort of vaguely angsty, slightly post-punky, ‘just a dash of goth’ style indie, but Broken Links seem to be to be more than just a cheap Ian Curtis impression. Theres no lack of Choruses either. ‘What are you waiting for?’ is a fist-pumping anthem, and two or three of the other tracks could make decent singles.

Its a testament to his band that they seem to tread the line between pop and experimentation without making any compromise to one or the other. Imagine if Editors, Interpol, White Lies etc were actually proper rock bands and you’d have Broken Links. Definitely one to keep an eye on.”

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