Tempelores Magazine- Review of ‘Disasters: Ways To Leave a Scene’ – 19/11/2012

“The three-piece British band saluted the world with the debut album in 2012.

The first positive moment was the cover art, I think the most romantic picture ever. Oh, those fade pink tulips. The second pleasure was the sound. The opener “Electrik” is just shot into the guts. There was no mistake with industrial and electro spices. The next one followed the conception of album and rock met electro again, darker part of it this time. “We’re all paranoid” belongs to the best alternative rock tradition. My personal favorite “Choice / Decay” is technically one song where the first part is only instrumental, and the second includes paranoid vocal. The fist half of the entire album is almost flawless and you can listen to it many-many times, the other part in compare is not as shine. But there is might work of sound engineering, for instance, in the “Cherno” or “Substitute yourself” tracks. Mixed all the good points made many years before, post-punk, new wave and industrial rock themes welcomed very tight. And after all it’s helluva drum beating, mighty riffs, heavy bass line and singing lungs out.

No doubt the band is fantastic live on stage. So I wish them a productive carrier and huge fan base worldwide. And powerful material to listen to in future for sure.”

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