The Dirty South – Live Review @ The Birdcage, Portsmouth 28/05/2010

“…A Friday evening at the Birdcage (above The Festing for those who don’t know) sees Eastleigh’s Broken Links play the cliché one man and his dog show. Sat around the venue – are the promoter, the band second on the bill and one incongruous looking bastard with a notepad. Everybody else must have been too busy choosing between their David Bowie or Ramones T-shirts. Not, of course, that this detracts from the band’s performance. Gig-hardened Broken Links still throw in enough grungy post-rock to enliven the Birdcage, swinging pendulously between early Muse influenced space rock and the grungy noise of an otherworldly Nirvana fronted by Keith Murray. The gig’s end sees the band at their most experimental, using echo on the guitar and a 7/4 time drum beat, filling the otherwise sparse Birdcage not only with a wall of sound but a huge display of imagination…”

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