Thom Curtis – Review of ‘The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay’ EP – 17/04/2010

EP Rating: 4.5/5

Six tracks spanning 41 minutes… Whatever next? But what is even more interesting, is that all six tracks flow into one another perfectly. This is essentially one 41 minute masterpiece. It’s modern rock, with huge soaring riffs and a thick dirty bass. The Southampton three-piece have really pulled out all the stops on this EP, and I’m excited to say I’m enjoying myself a great deal. For a three piece, it’s a really big sound. Although some tracks, such as the fantastic “What Are You Waiting For?” have a slightly indie The Enemy/Sunshine Underground/White Lies sound about them, the overall sound is general rock. You know, like Foo Fighters are. Although these guys don’t sound like Foo Fighters. And then there is a part of me that thinks Elliot Minor could have made music like this if they’d chosen a different direction, but I can’t quite put my finger on what is making me feel that. Part of the beauty of this EP is all the other stuff going on in the background beyond the initial vocal guitar bass drum line-up. The atmospheric hums and drones in the undertones and the indistinguishable sounds drowned in various effects that make up all the bridges between tracks. “Shelter Your Loss” is another highlight track, as is “In Your Headlights,” an instrumental that sounds like an Oceansize/Biffy collaboration, which closes the album. I like this; a lot.”

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