Unpeeled.net – Review of ‘Resisting Movement and the Almost Advisory – 25/11/09

“The new New Order are very keen on reverberation. The bass clanks, spanks, fuzzes and sparks before dragging a tattered cloud of gorgeous rock debris in it’s wake and that’s the opener, “Within Isolation”. Another, while we’re here…. “The Best Laid Plans Of Mice & Men” is also a bass bossed beauty soooo firmly rooted in the darker, posher and smarter section of the eighties that it’s got the Cutting Crew corpse whirling like a good ‘un. Yeah, we’ll do more and they’ll do “Colditz” a totally gonzo throb-riff a go go race to a money shot with a demented drummer. There are more artistic pretensions, though and the choral and crackle of “The Sea Inside” works well, is a more contemporary direction and it’s maybe their escape route from the eighties?”

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