Unplug the Jukebox – Live Review @ The Joiners, Southampton 08/10/2010

“…The South’s kings of alternative rock Broken Links are up next with what they say will be their second to last show in the South for some time (the last is at The Brook on 28th November). The three piece – Mark Lawrence, Phil Boulter and Lewis Betteridge – clamber up on stage and immediately launch into “Therapy Sessions In The Dark” encompassing all the tension and confidence that we’ve come to expect. Not a minute is wasted throughout the set. It is phenomenal.

Mark is a confident frontman with Phil and Lewis providing solid and reliable backing. The sound that they make is mind boggling for a three piece. Songs like “The Best Laid Plans Of Mice & Men” and “Shelter Your Loss” are stadium sized anthems with a pitch black underbelly to them.

Despite the obvious darkness to the lyrics and the music as a whole, this is life affirming stuff doing what all great music should do. Moving people, touching on emotions. Grabbing you by the balls and demanding to be heard. Broken Links are a very, very special band. They deserve to be heard, they deserve to be huge…”

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